Anime/Manga Stuff For Sale Part 1

EDIT: All sold items have been striked out, please don't email me about any of them please :)

The Gist..

Okay, I've been really lazy about this cos I just want to get it all out of my apartment. I haven't had time to go through all of my anime/manga magazines and merchandise yet so I will do a part 2 in the future.

Payment etc
I accept Paypal or bank transfer if you live in Japan. The pictures are also half assed, if you really want to see something better then please contact me. If you know someone who might be interested in anything here feel free to post a link to this journal anywhere.

Not all clippings etc are pictured, there are too many -_- So if you buy some expect more than what is pictured.

I have referees if you need them.

If you want to buy something or have a question please email me.

It's first in best dressed.

EDIT: oops forgot BASARA...

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